Post #1: Books!

Memphis.  In July.  But there will be air conditioning, right?

I just got the books for this workshop, and there are only two so that's quite manageable.

Laurie Beth Green's Battling the Plantation Mentality: Memphis and the Black Freedom Struggle, which looks really fascinating.  It's a very local study of a place I know nothing about.  I assume that parts of the workshop will takes us to or have us meet with people involved in the struggle.

The other book is an overview meant more for students by Yohuru Williams, called Rethinking the Black Freedom Movement.  This is part of a series on American social movements that I wish I had been familiar with earlier - would have been quite helpful for both student researchers I have supervised and for myself in developing courses.  Oh well - that's the point of the workshop.  To learn more and then be able to use that knowledge in the future.