So now what I do I do?


The purpose of this seminar, among other things, is for the participating teachers to write a lesson making use of some of the information they have learned, or resources they have been exposed.  My feelings on this at the moment can be best expressed by the photo below.


The right side of this path is covered in spider webs with enormous spiders.  The left side, on the other side of the grill, is a highway and railroad crossing.  At the end of this internminable path, is Arkansas. 

I've learned so much this week that I can't figure out how to narrow down exactly what I want to write a single lesson on. I plan to work an entire unit out of this experience.  So at the end of my mental walk today, I should have a lesson.  But I'm still needing to walk a path to figure out how to teach this complex and amazing movement.

I came to the workshop thinking about Ella Baker and Septima Clark, and wanting to know more about them.  Once I got here, I was reminded of the book that came out last year The Blood of Emmett Till, in which the woman that accused Till admitted that she lied. Doing something about how historians' stories need to change as information is revealed would be fascinating.  Then I started thinking about newspapers and how black newspapers and white newspapers would discuss issues differently.  And then I started thinking about Fannie Lou Hamer.

So yeah.  What is the method to use to figure out what to do? I may or may not figure this out.