Preparation and reflection

I didn't, in the end, post a whole lot during the workshop, which ended Friday evening.  It was in many ways too overwhelming.  The amount of information learned, and the experiences, and sharing ideas from other teachers was constant, and powerful.

My preparation for this workshop was the only thing that saved me.  By completing all of the reading (well, most of it - I didn't actually get totally clear information on what to read), I had a pretty good frame of reference for most of the lectures.  So that was good. 

The most valuable experiences here were the pieces that cannot really be recreated in my classroom - physically being in the historic places, meeting people discussed in the books or analyzed in the lectures was much more valuable than the reading in advance.  I realize that this is the teacher's challenge - bringing that wonder, amazement, and curiosity to the classroom.  I'm not sure I'm up to the challenge on this one, to be honest.