Post #1: Getting ready

So I'm going to take a class at Oxford! I heard about this possibility through the DOE's webpage for teachers. An organization called the English Speaking Union of the United States offers scholarships for teachers to study in the UK in the summer at various schools. I won a scholarship from New York City with an application to take a course at the International Politics summer school at St Antony's College at Oxford  on the democratization of Latin America after 1970. 

Yes, I'm actually going to take a class on this after spending the school year talking about it. It's what I do.  

Oh, and during this class I will write a 2000 word research paper. In two weeks. The last research paper I wrote in history - in 2001? Maybe 2002? It's going to be an adventure.  

I'm super excited at this point - I've gotten a list of background reading to start getting ready,  made my travel arrangements...