Oh my goodness what did I get myself into?!

So I now have the syllabus for this class. The syllabus is 11 PAGES LONG.  

This class is 10 days long. 

Did I mention there are 5 people in the class? There are 5 people in the class. Including me.  

There is nowhere to hide.  

There are three activities each day of the class, and the syllabus deals with one of them - a two hour meeting with the professor and all students each morning. For each class meeting, two questions have been set. This means there are 20 questions for the class. Each person in the class is responsible for a 10 minute presentation on 4 of the questions, on four different days. The syllabus lists reading for each question - 5-7 pieces (journal articles, book chapters, occasionally entire books). Reading all of the material for your four questions is a lot. However, if I at least don't do more of the reading, I will know nothing about the other topics. 

So I have been reading and note taking like a super anxious madwoman for the last week and a half. And I have light years to go.  

Did I mention that I also have to write a 2000 word paper due on the 7th day of the class? 

i knew this class was going to be serious work. Didn't realize it was going to be sheer terror. Because I detest looking stupid and unprepared.