Places where I studied - skip this is photos of libraries bore you.

The University of Oxford is made up of a number of individual colleges, which have both individual libraries and workspaces and access to the university wide library system.  This means there were a large number of very different, quirky and old places to work and study.


St Antony's College library - this Oxford college has buildings that were formerly part of a convent. The college's library used to be a church.  I wrote a substantial part of the final paper in this space.

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The Latin American Centre's library is made up of two rooms - one of which was the classroom for the course.  I spent some afternoons using the public opinion survey databases available here.


Almost got tossed out of the library for this photo. This is the oldest reading room in the oldest Oxford library, and I hadn't noticed the No Photography sign. This space was built in the 15th century.  I wrote a bunch of my paper here as well.

The medieval building where this reading room is found (the Old Bodleian library) is connected underground to another 18th century library building.  The connecting tunnel looks like a spaceship; the 18th century library is a circular building that looks like a church (Radcliffe camera). Go figure.  I studied in both spaces at various points.